👉 I’m currently a biotech platform associate @ Pillar VC. Rising senior at University of Toronto taking a gap year as an Emergent Ventures fellow.

⚙️ Prev. Built Nucleate Dojo; a global biotech platform & talent hub enabling undergraduates to contribute to the biotech industry through tailored education, tight knit communities, and capital, DojoHouse; a physical house for members of Dojo to live together in Boston and build various biotech projects, attend curated workshops and community events.

🧫 I have three years of experience as a tissue and cell engineer at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, and helped grow and develop communications & community building strategies for Front Row Ventures, UofT Entrepreneurship, & Ochre Bio.

🤝 Open to chatting! Feel free to reach out to talk about anything biotech, startups, or community building: https://calendly.com/subaita-1/30min

📌 Currently in: Boston, MA 🇺🇸


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