👉 I’m currently a biotech platform associate @ Pillar VC. Junior at University of Toronto taking a gap year learning about Biotech VC.

⚙️ Prev. Built Nucleate Dojo; a community of 100s of bioundergrads globally working at top VC funds, biotechs, and research labs, DojoHouse; a physical space for members of dojo to live together in Boston, wet lab research background in three different research groups on tissue and cell engineering, helped grow and develop content for Front Row Ventures, UofT Entrepreneurship, & Ochre Bio.

🤝 Open to chatting! Feel free to reach out to talk about anything biotech, startups, or community building: https://calendly.com/subaita-1/30min

📌 Currently in: Boston, MA 🇺🇸


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